My Favorite Personal Finance Blogs

Last week a few of you asked about my favorite personal finance books and blogs.  Earlier this week I posted my list of favorite books, and this is the follow on post which will focus on my favorite blogs.  My most inspiring ones have changed over time as I have learned more, blogs have changed focus, and even been bought and completely redesigned.  I don’t read as many as I used to because of this, but here are some of the ones that I still read.

Mr. Money Mustache – this is by far my favorite blog.  Mr. Money Mustache (MMM) is all about using your money as efficiently as possible, cutting waste, and retiring early to live the life you’ve always dreamed.  If you’re just getting started he may seem a bit extreme (for example, he tries to drive his car as little as possible and instead bikes almost everywhere) but even if you’re not ready to revamp your life, his way of thinking is very powerful.  His blog also provides a forum where you can interact with like-minded “Mustachians.”  Here is one of my favorite MMM posts to get you started.

Punch Debt In The Face – this blog is written by a self proclaimed “debt ninja” who paid off his student loans and now lives a relatively frugal life with his wife.  Ninja is in his twenties, and while I don’t entirely agree with every decision of his (he thinks there is a cap to how much someone should have in savings and so he plans on having an “All Spend November” where he purposefully spends every dollar he makes later this year) but he writes some thoughtful posts about purchasing homes, investing, and approaches to charitable giving.  His posts sometimes have a Christan slant, but don’t be put off by that if you’re not religious.  Here is a thought provoking post to get you started.

Man vs. Debt – this blog was originally written by Adam Baker and followed the journey of a young man with a wife and child who got sick of living in debt and radically changed his life to get out of it.  He sold all of his possessions and decided to live abroad in an RV.  He has written some great posts about how to sell your stuff on the internet and about living minimally (including documenting each and every possession he owns).  The blog has since changed as Adam has retired from it, and it is now run by his wife and many posts are written by Joan, the community manager.

Interesting enough, I’ve very much enjoyed the change since Joan is currently in debt and pulling herself out, documenting her journey along the way.  Her point of view is refreshing and honest, and if you’re in debt you might find that you can relate to her and her struggles.  Here’s Joan’s mid-March debt payoff post to get you started.

Planting Our Pennies – this blog is written by Mr. and Mrs. Pop who are in their thirties and have a very impressive networth.  This very frugal couple writes extremely thorough posts about their rental properties, their financial strategies and even when they plan on having kids.  I thoroughly enjoy their writing style and insight and have gleaned many money saving tips from them.

Lacking Ambition – this is a very interesting personal finance blog that probably isn’t for everyone, but I greatly enjoy it. The writer is a man who has no desire to get ahead or climb the corporate ladder, and has actually spent time living in a tent in the desert.  Here is a great post about the shift to experience based consumerism that really made me think.

The Simple Dollar – this blog is written by Trent who is a master of frugality.  If you’re looking for practical tips on how to save money his blog is a goldmine.  Many of my own frugality tactics like using rags instead of paper towels and using craft paper to wrap gifts, were inspired by Trent’s posts.  Here’s a post about how “living for today doesn’t require you to drain tomorrow” to get you started.

What personal finance blogs do you love?  I’m always looking for more!


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24 thoughts on “My Favorite Personal Finance Blogs

  1. Hey, thanks for the post! I noticed the Lacking Ambition link is actually a link back to the PoPs. Would you be able to fix that? I am interested in reading! Thank you :)

  2. I originally got started reading blogs with Get Rich Slowly a year or two ago. I really enjoyed it while the original author, JD Roth, was at the helm, but it still has a variety of good content by a variety of writers. Some are better than others. I also enjoy Club Thrifty and I really like Mr. Money Mustache as well. He's the one who finally gave me the kick in the ass to start my own blog a couple weeks ago.

    Thanks for the post. I love seeing what others like to read.

  3. I used to read GRS as well, and thought of including it on this list but couldn't find a recent post that I would recommend. I still read it, but more often than not I disagree with the sentiment.

    I will have to check out Club Thrify as well as your blog! Thanks for commenting!

  4. Thank you!! I was one of the readers who asked for your recommendations; thanks so much for turning right around and posting about these.

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